About Me

Nasier Kassim

It must have been the spring of 2013 when I started smoking cigars. Well, I did have my very first cigar a long time before that. New years eve y2k to be exact. We were going to celebrate the coming of the new millenium big and when I asked the store clerk from the Davidoff store in Amsterdam for his finest cigar he sold me a Davidoff Aniversario No. 1.

A bit after midnight I lit my first long filler cigar. It was completely wasted on me. I was partying too hard, not giving the cigar the attention a good cigar deserves.

Finally many years later in 2013 I decided to have another go at cigars. I can’t recall what I started with but I do remember trying a lot of NUBs by Oliva. After trying a lot of different cigars I discovered that I enjoy Cuban cigars best, especially if they have a little age on them.

So that’s really what I try to smoke nowadays. I try to stay away from cigars younger than 5 years but I’ll make an exception once in a while, only to regret it later on in most cases.

“If I'm made after the image of my creator, than I must create too.”

Through the beauty of the tobacco leafs I’ve also developed an interest for other natural products like herbs, spices and tea. I always have some sort of side-project going on. Right now it’s trying to figure out the perfect chai recipe. I’m also a cinephile and currently working my way through the IMDb Top 250 list.

Watch IMDb Top 250 list 52%
Try a 100 different teas 8%
Collect a 100 different spices 100%
Collect a 100 full cigar boxes 15%