Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo des Dieux

Hoyo de Monterrey – Le Hoyo Des Dieux (2003) Review

By Nasier

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While I was having this Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo des Dieux from 2003 I was wondering why the cigars from the le Hoyo series had a French name, so I decided to use the wonders of the internet to broaden my horizons. This is what I found.

Let me translate the different names first

  • du Maire (of the mayor)
  • du Député (of the deputy)
  • du Prince (of the prince)
  • du Roi (of the King)
  • des Dieux (of the gods)
  • de Dauphin (of the Dolphin)
  • and more recently (2014)  de San Juan (which is a series of hills in Santiago, Cuba)

If you consider that le Hoyo means ‘the hole’ in Spanish I can’t help but think the names of the vitolas are a bit of a poor choice. I like my cigars as much as the next guy but having a cigar that’s named “the hole of the mayor” or  “the hole of the king” just seems wrong. Anyway, I was on a quest to find out why these cigars all have a French name. As it turns out these cigars used to be made especially for a Swiss distributor called ‘A. Dürr Co’ right after the second world war.

It all becomes a bit confusing when a wikipedia page suggests the existence of a ‘Chateaux series from Hoyo the Monterrey next to the le Hoyo series. As I couldn’t find anything about a Chateaux series of Hoyo de Monterrey on CubanCigarWebsite.com I think they are one and the same series and that the text on wikipedia is incorrect (atleast at the time of this writing).

Apparently after the second world war Cuban cigar sales took a nose dive. The Cubans went to Switzerland for advice and the Swiss (either A. Dürr or Zino Davidoff) came up with the idea to create the series and it was created under the Hoyo the Monterrey brand. Interestingly enough, later there was a disagreement about who actually came up with the idea; The Cubans said it was A. Dürr and Zino Davidoff claimed it was him. Two decades later when Davidoff got his own cigar brand he decided to also create a (still higly popular and sought after) Châteaux Series under his own label.

Cigar Aficionado

Back to my cigar; Unfortunately there was no band to add to my collection as up to 2005 the cigars from the le Hoyo series came unbanded. The cigar had all the properties one can expect from a quality cigar. It was beautifully constructed with minimal veins. The draw was loose and the burn good. It didn’t require any touch ups or relights. The smoke output was good too. Really no complaints whatsoever.

Before I lit the cigar I brewed myself a sweetened Darjeeling tea and poured myself some tropical juice. For snacks I had sundried tomatoes, cheese with fenugreek and mixed olives with garlic and herbs. When I had finished my cigar most of the snacks and juice were untouched and I had replaced the tea for a coffee with cream. My snacks and drinks didn’t go well with the cigar at all.

Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo des Dieux pairing

Right off the bat and all the way up to the midpoint the cigar gave off sweet and warm flavours like gingerbread and chocolate. For a brief period around the midpoint the sweet tastes moved more to the background to make room for some grass and mushroom notes with a sometimes lingering aftertaste of cedar. This was very brief and soon after the gingerbread and chocolate flavours returned but this time also with some coffee with cream and occasionally some vanilla notes. I got to enjoy this cigar for about 70 minutes.

Next time I would propably have some sweeter snacks like chocolates, fudge or perhaps some cinnamon cookies. Instead of tea, juice and coffee I would go with a hot cocoa or (even better) some sweetened chai instead. The cigar started out mild and ended medium (at most). It would make a good morning cigar but I personally look forward to revisiting this cigar with the above mentioned snacks and drinks on a cold and snowy december night as a nightcap.

Are you familiar with this cigar? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below. I have some to trade so if you have something interesting to trade send me a PM on Facebook or use the contact form on this site.


Hoyo de Monterrey – Le Hoyo des Dieux

Year 2003
Size 42 x 155
Overal rating
Hoyo de Monterrey – Le Hoyo Des Dieux (2003) Review on 13th November 2015 rated 4.5 of 5


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