Montecristo Especial no 2

Montecristo Especial no. 2 (1989)

By Nasier

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Today as I was making breakfast I had a look at my plate and thought this breakfast deserved a cigar. I then had a look at the clock, then at the plate again…. looked through the kitchen window and saw the sun was out. Then I thought for a moment about my work scedule and realised there wasn’t anything on there that was urgent. So I decided to have a morning cigar. I went through the humidor and found a Montecristo Especial no. 2 from october 1989.

As I sat down in the garden overlooking my vegtables, enjoying my breakfast and cigar that gave off loads of hazelnut and vanilla flavours the birds were chirping away. Outside the bounderies of my garden life must have been proceeding at normal speed while in my garden time was going at a much slower pace. It made me think about something I read somewhere; although cigars are often seen as a luxury item, the real luxury is having the time to enjoy them. What a wonderful way to start the day!

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Montecristo Especial no. 2

Size38 x 152
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