Partagas Serie P No. 2

Partagas Serie P No. 2 (2008)

By Nasier

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As I was watching yet another movie from the IMDB top 250 movies list (113 down, 137 to go). I decided to hit the pause button and try the Partagas Serie P No. 2 (2008) that I’ve been dry boxing about a day and half. I got this cigar from my niece for my 37th birthday not too long ago.

It had almost been two weeks since I had a cigar. The beautifully constructed cigar came with a dark oily wrapper. The very first draw put a smile on my face as the draw was very loose (just how I like it).

The cigar was full bodied and yet I had a hard time indentifying the flavours due to my poor snacks (too greasy) and drinks (too sweet) choices. So I made myself a coffee instead, put on a coat and moved outdoors (leaving my snacks and juice behind). For some reason I tend to enjoy cigars better outdoors. This is when the cigar came to life for me.

What was left from the first third gave off some earthy flavours and occasionally some liquorice (not the black candy, but the dried hard twigs we all know from our childhood). Whenever the draw is very loose I tend to take more smoke in mouth and release half of it slowly and retro hale the rest. On the retro hales my nose protested telling me to stop retro haling immediately.

In the second third the earthiness continued. A mild clove bud and some white pepper were added to the mix. The draw was getting a bit firmer so I decided to cut off another 2mm of the foot and gently purge the cigar. The cigar opened up right away.

Usually the first or second third are my favourite but not with this cigar. This time the final third proved to be my favourite. The earthy flavours turned into a dark roasted coffee and the liquorice from the first third would make its appearance again once in a while.

The cigar lasted me about 90 minutes, it didn’t require any touch ups nor did I have to relight it. Afterwards I did have a mild nicotine buzz going which was a perfectly good excuse to raid the candy jar.

Are you familiar with this vitola? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.


Partagas Serie P No. 2

Size52 x 156
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